Control Smart Technology

B&L's exclusive Control Smart Technology

The “S” stands for “Smart” on our top-of-the-line M-1000-S model, but it also points to the press’ state-of-the-art design. This press is entirely servo driven, eliminating the need for cumbersome gear drives. Semiautomatic plate loading is an option, and all the upper and lower plates can be changed simultaneously with web in, considerably reducing makeready time.

But the biggest of productivity enhancement on the M-1000-S is B&L’s exclusive Control Smart Technology. It saves you time and money in four different areas:

B&L's exclusive Control Smart Technology is an open-architecture system that will provide operator's on demand job & press data, faults, and will monitor parameters to consistently provide very precise & timely information to better run your pressroom and satisfy your customers. 

We will be happy to provide more detailed information or a hands-on demonstration upon your request.