Printing Smarter

The “S” stands for “Smart” on our top-of-the-line M-1000-S model, but it also points to the press’ state-of-the-art design. This press is entirely servo driven, eliminating the need for cumbersome gear drives. Semiautomatic plate loading is an option, and all the upper and lower plates can be changed simultaneously with web in, considerably reducing makeready time.

But the biggest of productivity enhancement on the M-1000-S is B&L’s exclusive Control Smart Technology. It saves you time and money in four different areas:

  • The system presets your B&L press using parameters from similar jobs that came before and exhibited the least amount of waste and the highest productive output. Because the press always remembers the best way to print every type of job, all your press operator has to do is enter the basic specifications for each project job.
  • The system’s Telecolor Smart automatically translates CIP3 and CIP4 data into ink fountain settings on the press, further reducing your set-up time. What’s more, Telecolor ensures that the new ink profile is ready to go at the form rollers before the job begins. So the M-1000-S gets up to color faster. That conserves ink and reduces waste, while saving you additional makeready minutes.
  • Control Smart Technology tracks and schedules maintenance, based on run time, so that your press continually performs at its best.
  • The system also can monitor virtually any printing parameter related to every job you produce. The results can be used for invoicing, to evaluate press crew performance, to manage consumables, or provide production data to your MIS network.

Press Features

Semi-Automatic Plate Loaders

Our own design that allows you to change all the upper & lower plates simultaneously, with the web in, which considerably reduces make-ready times.

Control Smart Technology

Again, our own design that controls the entire press from one console with our unique integration abilities. This system also provides optimum job parameters built from previous similar jobs and translates into less waste & high productivity.